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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Hi All,

Chaukori-Berinag-Patal Bhuwneshwar-Gangolihat (35 KM) region is located in eastern kumaon region. All the three places have its own significance and history. I feel proud to be associated with this region.

Let's start with my home first...Any Guess??? Well it's Berinag

BERINAG The original name of Berinag is "Bedi-Nag" by the name of king Bedi Madhava. The whole region is having around 9 snake temples. Bedi-Nag is famous for the Bedi-Nag temple and beautiful tea gradens. It is used to produce some of best tea quality in world. In fact some time around seveenteenth century it used to imported to western countries.


The India said...



Good to have come across your Blog post.

Pradeep said...

Hi Namste
Thanks for visiting...It's just starting..a lot more to come...keep watching